Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions – Fall 2017

Children ages 7 and up will rotate between art, music, and physical education each Friday morning.


In Art this semester, we will be creating Art in Radial Symmetry, continuing with acrylic painting, and building on our knowledge of the Elements and Principles of Art and Design.


In our spring music classes, we will be learning the origin and stories behind many hymns of the church.  We will be using instruments and voices for our spring performance, and will be working on composition as well.

Physical Education

For the Winter/Spring semester I have 3 main ideas: to work on ball drills, give the kids a taste of different track/field events and play fun, indoor games.

-Jan-Feb we will mix together drills with fun games. We do not have the space for basketball hoops, so we will stick with dribbling and passing. Please bring basketballs each week through Feb. These weeks we will also play fun, gym games.

-March  we will work on track events as the weather gets nicer. The hope and plan is to have a track and field day on April 13th (we will keep you posted on this plan.)

+This semester I would like to start teaching the Apostle’s Creed to students. We will talk about the 3 parts of the creed and see how they express the most important parts of our biblical faith. Kids will be able to share their basic faith in the triune God with this helpful and concise statement of faith.

It is a joy and honor to partner with you to teach our next generation.

Discoverers (3-4 year olds)

The Discoverers will keep busy this fall by having a new theme each Friday. We will have fun reading books, bible verses, painting, cutting, creating projects, singing, dancing and participating in gym class too!

Trailblazers (5-6 year olds)

Trailblazers will be learning from a Unit study based on the MY FIRST LITTLE HOUSE BOOKS. This is essentially Little House on the Prairie for the younger ones. Some of our highlights will be crafting with bees wax sheets, making butter and designing a cabin with large popsicle sticks. Music and gym will include trying square dancing and corralling their hand-made hobby horses.

Class Names & Ages

Nursery (0-2 yrs)
Discoverers (3-4 yrs)
Trailblazers (5-6 yrs)
Adventurers (7-8 yrs)
Navigators (9-10 yrs)
Pioneers (11+ yrs)