Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Children ages 7 and up (Adventurers, Navigators and Pioneers classes) will rotate between art, music, and physical education each Friday morning.


The well-rounded Art program at JCHC focuses on the Elements and Principles of Art Design.
The 7 Elements included are Line, Color, Shape, Texture, Form, Value, and Space.
The 10 common Principles are Balance, Harmony, Emphasis, Pattern, Movement, Rhythm,
Unity, Variety, Proportion, and Repetition.

We introduce use of various media such as watercolor and acrylic paints, fibers and textiles,
clay, sketch pencil and ink, among many others to accomplish this in addition to learning about methods and techniques used by master artists throughout history.


In a typical semester, we study famous music and composers of the classical era. We  experiment with music and rhythm on glockenspiels, bucket drums, handheld percussion instruments, and our voices. We learn fundamentals of music with short general music curriculum games and lessons. And we plan to combine all these new skills into some fantastic performances at the end of the year showcase!

Physical Education

God called all humanity to steward His creation, and our bodies are part of that creation. God made it, we are called to care for it. PE helps kids to find a joy in using their bodies to be active. Through learning about different sports, working on hand-eye coordination, different skills, and physical activity we will steward and celebrate God’s gift to us in fun ways.

Discoverers (3-4 year olds)

The Discoverers will keep busy by having a new theme each Friday. We will have fun reading books, bible verses, painting, cutting, creating projects, singing, dancing and participating in gym class too!

Trailblazers (5-6 year olds)

Trailblazers will be learning from a Unit study based on the MY FIRST LITTLE HOUSE BOOKS. This is essentially Little House on the Prairie for the younger ones. Some of our highlights will be crafting with bees wax sheets, making butter and designing a cabin with large popsicle sticks. Music and gym will include trying square dancing and corralling their hand-made hobby horses.

Class Names & Ages

Nursery (0-2 yrs)
Discoverers (3-4 yrs)
Trailblazers (5-6 yrs)
Adventurers (7-8 yrs)
Navigators (9-10 yrs)
Pioneers (11+ yrs)